If you are thinking about volunteering with SWAN there are plenty of reasons to do so. Volunteering allows you to:

  • Give back to the local community,
  • Meet new people and learning new skills to put on your cv.
  • Reduce stress by being in the moment with the work, activities and young people
  • Improve relationship building and social skills
  • Be involved in something worthwhile.
  • Get a new/fresh perspective on life.

Volunteering can give us the opportunity to contribute something positive to our local community. It can be hard to measure just how much of an impact volunteering with a youth club can have, both on the organisation and the people that we work with. Regardless of who we volunteer with, our contribution can make a real difference to the community, families and individuals. There are different opportunities/ roles which volunteers may take in SWAN Youth Service.  If you are looking for some inspiration to volunteer with us please read about the experiences here.

If you’d like to know more on volunteering options with Swan Youth Service please email your enquiry to info@swanyouthservice.org.

Application Form

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SWAN Youth Service App. Form – RTF: DOWNLOAD

Volunteering Policy

SWAN Youth Service Volunteering Policy – docx: DOWNLOAD
SWAN Youth Service Volunteering Policy – RTF: DOWNLOAD