The voluntary nature of relationships for young people in Swan Youth Service makes space for creativity, expression, openness, and progression. With positive relationships built young people feel safer and more confident.
We know that while the young people locally face many challenges, they have the capacity to achieve great things and meet their dreams.

Ciara Cunningham
Director of
SWAN Youth Service

At SYS we teach a number of musical instruments such as guitars – half size for beginners and full size for acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

Good place to hang out!

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At SYS we teach a number of musical instruments such as: acoustic guitars (half size for children and young teens), electric and bass guitars. We also teach piano (keyboard), ukulele, violin, thin whistle and harmonica, as well as percussion drums, tambourine, maracas, bodhran and others.

Youth Employment

The Youth Employment worker engages with young people aged 18-25 to identify their Career options and to advocate on their behalf to access education and employment opportunities.

Garda Youth Diversion

SWAN GYDP aims to help young people move away from activity that might get them or their friends into trouble with the law. We offer opportunities for education, employment training, sport, art, music and other activities.

International Youth Club

The international Youth Club is a collaborative initiative which developed through the work of the International Young people at Risk sub-group. The IYC was established in January 2009 and runs every Saturday during school term time.

Open Access

Open Access runs twice a week for young people who are in Secondary School. The building is available for young people to come and engage with our Youth Workers, participate in activities, or just ‘hang out’ with friends.

One to One

The young people that participate are those who need more intensive support with certain issues that are affecting their lives. It allows a positive working relationship with the young person to develop.

Office Hours

Monday: 9am-1pm; 2pm-5pm
Tuesday: 9am-1pm; 2pm-5pm
Wednesday: 9am-1pm; 2pm-5pm
Thursday: 9am-1pm; 2pm-5pm
Friday: 9am-1pm; 2pm-5pm

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“I struggle a lot with anxiety,” she says. If there’s trouble at home, “Swan is a place I come to play music and get away from stuff”.

Tamzin (17), plays the guitar and is learning to play the piano.

“It takes my mind off everything.”

Aaron (19), started playing bass last January after three years of learning the acoustic guitar and finds music sessions to be good for clearing the head.


“I am very grateful having got the chance to work with these young people, it allowed me to challenge and develop my experiences and my interpersonal skills. The young people at Swan Youth Service made the experience very enjoyable”

Amy Boyle (23), Relief Contact Worker.